Van Rental with Driver in Bangkok

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Our van hire services with driver in Bangkok can be customized and cost-effective with free Wifi. In addition, we arrange great quality van in reliable, clean, comfortable and spacious vehicles; getting you and your family to your destination quickly and safely with plenty of room for you, and big travel luggage.




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Travelling in Bangkok with VIP van, provides both quality vehicle and driver in this deal. We are tour operator and local travel agent in Bangkok licensed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and owner of new VIP Vans. Therefore, our minivan and driver are followed the rule & regulations Thai Laws for tourist’s safety.  Our driver can speak English and have service mind. We choose good and polite driver for our tourists to make sure our customer and their family will have the best time during travelling in Bangkok Thailand and safety is our priority concern. All of our VIP van must be checked up and be well cleaned every time before picking up our customer.

With Free Wifi on Bangkok Van Rental with Driver, we also install GPS system for the passengers safety. Our van hire can provide capacity from 4 up to 9 passengers with big baggage so our services are suitable for companies, factories, and family travel.

Van rental with driver in Bangkok is also for tourists who want to travel on their own itinerary during touring in Bangkok with their family. There are so many shopping centers and attractions in Bangkok such as China town (for food lover’s travel), Shopping at Pratunam, Siam Square, Siam Paragon, Icon Siam, Siam Road, Khao San Road, ect.  

Our van hire services with driver in Bangkok can be customized and cost-effective with free Wifi. In addition, we arrange great quality van in reliable, clean, comfortable and spacious vehicles; getting you and your family to your destination quickly and safely with plenty of room for you, and big travel luggage. With our skillful and polite driver, we can get you to your destination in the quickest possible manner, avoiding traffic jams or slow areas, making sure your journey is as short as possible. Bangkok airport transfer van is suitable for 4-10 passengers with free Wifi and television, DVD player and karaoke. Tourist can request cartoon movies for children. Baby seat is also available for family travel. Please feel free to request baby seat if you have little baby.  

Our service is a low price guarantee with 24 Hour Phone Support and you can reserve our van rental service with quality driver in advance with Secure Online Booking and payment via SSL.

Our driver can speak English very well and have service minded so tourist don’t face trouble with commination problem. is local travel agent and we are strong in travel industry in Bangkok such as van rental service, arrange trip in Thailand and booking sightseeing with professional assistant to help you plan trip to customize your tour on demand. You can book every travel-related item and check sightseeing in Thailand within our web site. receives very good reviews in TripAdvisor. We also get TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. Please check out our customer’s response as followed:

You can use our van rental service for travelling where you want in Bangkok.

Included: Van rental, driver, Petrol, toll way fee, parking fee
Excluded: Entrance fee and personal expense
• You can use the service at 10 hours per day maximum. The extra charge for over 10 hours is 200 THB per hours
• Our van can fit maximum 10 person
• Rate is per van/per day

PS. This deal is not included the professional tourist guide. If you want to learn insight of Bangkok Thailand’s culture, please feel free to contact us to ask for personal tourist guide.


Enjoyable journey in VIP private vans with strict hygiene standard, offered by our dedicated staff, who have been tested negative for COVID-19. Enjoy our facilities including free Wifi, free masks and alcohol gel for your exclusive use, enhanced by the warm and personal service of private van transport services.


The historical and cultural heart of Bangkok is Rattanakosin Island, site of the old royal city (Bangkok City). Fronting a curve on the Chao Phraya River and backed by canals (khlongs), Rattanakosin contains many of Bangkok’s architectural and religious splendors. Here you will find the magnificent Grand Palace, the renowned temple complexes of Wat Mahathat, Wat Suthat, and Wat Phra Kaeo, the city’s top universities, and the National Museum and National Gallery.

When Rama I moved the capital across the Chao Phraya from Thon Buri to Bangkok in 1782, he decided to model his country’s new seat of power on the architectural magnificence of the former capital at Ayutthaya. Concentric canals were built to emulate the old capital, brick was salvaged from there to build palaces and temples, and Buddha images were collected from the ruined Ayutthaya and installed in the new temples at Rattanakosin.

Both the new Royal Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo were embellished by subsequent Chakri kings, who added their own royal temples within the confines of the Rattanakosin district, including Wat Saket and several structures near the Golden Mount. As the new capital became established, temples and government offices were constructed in outlying districts, and Bangkok spread in all directions.

Rattanakosin and Bangkok expanded further under the rule of King Mongkut. In 1862, he ordered the building of the city’s first road, to connect his palace with the commercial enclave of Chinatown. Until the opening of this road, all transportation had been conducted on the Chao Phraya or on the canals that formed expanding circles from the centrally placed Royal Palace.

King Chulalongkorn continued to modernize the city, which developed into the bustling political and economic centerpiece of the kingdom. The historical quarter remained a royal enclave, housing the royal family’s quarters, government offices, and royal temples, until the overthrow of the absolute monarchy in 1932. To a large degree, however, the flavor of the original old royal city remains intact in Rattanakosin.

Planning your day trip in Bangkok, Thailand
When to Go
Most visitors head to Bangkok Thailand during the relatively cool and dry season from December to February, when rainfall is scarce and the temperature around a tolerable 84-90°F (28-32°C). (If you’re traveling in the hills, temperatures can drop sharply in the evenings, so take a sweater.) The drawback is that popular destinations are crowded and hotel rooms can be in short supply. Prices tend to be higher during the tourist season and internal transportation can be difficult to secure. March to May or June is the hottest time to visit—temperatures may reach 100°F (38°C), particularly in the plains of the Northeast, and the high level of humidity (around 80 percent) can make travel uncomfortable and oppressive.

The wet season runs from June to November, and this may be the finest period to enjoy the charms of the country without the hordes of tourists. These months constitute the “rainy” season, when a dose of precipitation is almost guaranteed most afternoons. The remainder of the day will generally be dry, if overcast. Major monsoons, which can last several days, are relatively rare. Another advantage of travel at this time of year is that the countryside is vibrantly green with flooded rice fields and blooming trees. Vacancy rates are high at most hotels, and it is easier to make reservations with local transportation.

Thailand has three seasons, although the differences between them are barely distinguishable. The classic divisions are the dry and relatively cool months (December—February), the extremely hot summer months (March—June), and the rainy season (June—November).

Even in the coolest months, Thailand remains a scorching country with a brutal equatorial climate that punishes even the hardiest of international travelers. Maximum temperatures throughout the year in Bangkok generally reach 90°F (32°C), and humidity rarely drops below 50 percent. While the temperature drops slightly over the Christmas holiday season, humidity remains at sky-high levels to the point where most visitors feel compelled to take several showers daily. During the so-called rainy season it might be bone dry for several weeks, while the supposedly “dry” Christmas season may be flooded out with an unexpected monsoon.

The climate is dominated by seasonal monsoons that sweep across the country. Monsoons are somewhat predictable throughout most of Thailand, although they do very when you move south down the Thai peninsula toward Malaysia. Koh Samui and the southeast coast can be hit by monsoon winds and rain in November and December, but this area is usually drier than elsewhere during the rainy reason.

What to Take
Thailand is a modern country where almost every conceivable item can be purchased—and often at lower costs than you find back home. Shopping emporiums are located in almost every urban center and smaller town in the kingdom.
Thailand is a perpetually hot country where jackets and sweaters are rarely needed. Coats, ties, and formal dresses may be necessary in a few exclusive restaurants in Bangkok but are otherwise little more than an additional packing burden.

Clothes should be a light cotton or other natural fiber rather than synthetics or heavy materials. Bring the barest possible items of clothing and expand your wardrobe in Thailand, where the clothing selection is excellent and of international quality. A pair of comfortable walking shoes is essential, and sandals will prove useful when visiting temples, where shoes must always be removed prior to entry.

Other items to consider are a small medical kit, sewing kit, mini umbrella, insect repellent, drug prescriptions, an extra pair of glasses, spare passport photos, and photocopies of essential documents.

Electricity in Thailand is 220V, 50Hz, and plugs are generally the flat, two-pin type. If you bring electrical equipment you will need a plug adaptor plus a transformer for U.S. appliances.


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